Thank you notes from my clients.


Charlotte edited a short story of mine and helped it to become a finalist in a contest. She provided a thorough review and thoughtful suggestions.


Holy cow! I’ve spent years editing technical writing, yet I am daunted by what Charlotte has done.

I had a short story reviewed by Charlotte and was very pleased with the work she did. Not only did she provide line-by-line edits pointing out grammatical errors and suggesting fixes, but she provided comments on the content and again provided suggestions for improvements. Her feedback was well thought out and her responses timely. I highly recommend her thorough and professional work.


Living in a different country, I once again wish I was in a position to buy Charlotte a coffee and say thanks. She sees what I had in my mind but didn’t describe. So thanks. Virtual floral bouquet to you.


I’m beyond happy with the job Charlotte did on my first manuscript. She’s given me ideas that I never would have thought of and polished it up wonderfully. I’m very impressed with the level of professionalism and skills she has displayed in her work. 10/10 recommend working with her if you want a high-level edit for a competitive price.


Charlotte did a great job critiquing my fiction. She pointed out the good and identified where to make my writing better. The turn-around was quick. Definitely would recommend!


Charlotte gave a thorough and constructive critique of my story. Her comments were both encouraging and enlightening.


I asked for a critique of my flash fiction and received a hugely detailed review from Charlotte. She covered formatting, grammar, point of view, genre, pace, length, and the strengths of the story. There were also many suggestions about possible improvements. The feedback was kind and couched in a positive commentary so my ego is still intact. I recommend Charlotte. I certainly got my money’s worth.


Charlotte provided such valuable edits and feedback on my fiction project. I’ll be using her services again.


I highly encourage hiring Charlotte. Her writing skills and passion for editing bring special insight and ability. Charlotte doesn’t ‘make’ you. She makes you better. It’s sounds like a cliché for a great editor, but Charlotte never inserts her voice in your work. She respects your art while encouraging accurate writing, never removing your unique expression.

If you are looking for a great writer/editor who is timely and communicates effectively, look no further! I really appreciate Charlotte’s talent for honing my words without changing my voice. It’s a kind of magic she gives.